Posts in Carrot enable you to share anything with your team. Words, images, attachments, and even embedded video.

Creating a post

  1. Click "New post" in the bottom left hand corner
  2. Toggle between "quick post" ui and the "full-screen editor" by clicking the expand or collapse arrow in the editor.
  3. Add your post title
  4. Craft a concise and informative post summary
  5. Add your post body
  6. Select the section you'd like to share your post to
  7. Highlight text to access formatting options
  8. Hit "Post" to share your post to that section (and with the teammates that have access to that section)

Note: Carrot will auto-save your post as you edit so you don't have to worry about losing your content. Your saved posts will be accessible in "Drafts" in the left hand navigation bar.

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