Posts are organized in Carrot by sections. Sections can be accessible by the entire team, private (invite only), and even publicly.

Create a section

  1. To create a new section, click the [+] button in the side nav
  2. Give the section a valid name (if the section already exists, we'll let you know)
  3. If you're using Slack, you'll see an option to auto-share to a Slack channel. Any time a post is added to the section, it will automatically post to the Slack channel you choose.
  4. Decide who should have access to your section (anyone on your team, invite only, or public (anyone with the URL can see

Editing an existing section

  1. Navigate to the section you'd like to edit
  2. Click the "settings cog" icon found beside the section name
  3. Make and save your changes
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