Connect to Slack

Connect to Slack

Carrot is perfect for Slack teams that want to make sure key leadership communication doesn’t get lost in fast-moving conversations.

Carrot was designed from the ground up to work with Slack.

Single sign-on with Slack means your team can access Carrot without setting up new login credentials. If someone joins your team or leaves your team, access to Carrot is managed by your administration of Slack. It’s also a lot easier for your team to sign up to Carrot with a single click.

In addition, Carrot has a bot for Slack. With the bot, you can have new posts automatically shared to the appropriate Slack channel. Your Slack team can add comments or join the discussion about the post right from Slack - Carrot keeps it all in sync. Comments added in Slack will be seen in Carrot, and comments added in Carrot will be seen in Slack.


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