Add and edit sections

Add a new section

There are two ways to add a new section in Carrot.

In the left-hand navigation, you'll see a + beside "SECTIONS". Click that to add a new one. Or, if you're creating a new post, as shown below, you can add one on the fly. Click the chevron beside the section name to either choose an existing section, or add a new one.


In both cases, you will see this modal that let's you add the new section:

  1. Give the section a name
  2. If you're using Slack, you'll see an option to auto-share to a Slack channel. Any time a post is added to the section, it will automatically post to the Slack channel you choose.
  3. Decide who can view your section:
  • Anyone on the team (by default)
  • Only team members you invite (Private)
  • Open for the public (Anyone can see)

Edit existing sections

You can edit sections after you've created them. Just click the down chevron beside the section name.

You can change the name, whether the section auto-posts to Slack (if you're using Slack), and section permissions.

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