Add a new post


Once you click the orange “+ New” button at the top, a window will open for you to add a new post.

From here, you can write or record your thoughts for the team. To write a post, simply start typing.



  • Formatting: Highlight the text you want to format and you’ll see options for bold and italics. You can also add a bulleted list. To add a link, click the link icon and add a URL.


  • Images, media and attachments: Adding an image, attachment, or video to your post is simple.
    • For images, choose the image icon at the bottom to insert an image anywhere in the post. You may choose an image from your computer, or you can connect to cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive.
    • Click the paperclip to add an attachment. Again, you can add it from your computer or from multiple cloud services.
    • Click the < > icon to embed a video from Youtube or Vimeo (soon, embed Loom videos, too).




  • Emojis: 😂✌Add some color and fun anywhere in the post, including the title.



  • Recording videos: Even though you can embed videos from other places, sometimes you might want to quickly record a video in Carrot. Now you can! Click the video icon at the bottom to start.

Videos are meant for quick updates and can be up to 5 minutes long. Currently, video recording works on desktop and will be added to mobile soon.

The first time you open video it will ask you for permission to use your computer’s camera and mic. You must give it permission in order to record.

Click the orange button to start recording, and when you are finished click the green button. The video will begin processing in the background, but you can POST it whenever you like. If you are connected to Slack, your team will not be notified of the post until the video is ready.


  • Must see: If you mark a post as “must see” then it will also show up in the “Must see” area in navigation. This is a quick way for your team to always know what’s most important. When your team receives a daily or weekly digest, “must see” posts will be clearly marked so that everyone sees them first.


  • Sections: Before you finish, choose where you’d like this new post to show up.

    Think of sections as a "category" of posts, for example, an All-hands section is where you'll find announcements, updates, and decisions related to All-hands, and the Design section is where you'll find anything related to design.

    You can create as many sections as you like, and each one has it's own custom settings where you can decide if it is accessible by your Team, the Public, or if it's Private-only. If you are using Slack, you can also link a section to a #channel so that posts in that section are automatically shared to that Slack channel.


As shown below, give your section a name and then choose who can view it with you:

  • Anyone on your team
  • Only team members you invite (private)
  • Open to the public

You can also choose whether you’d like to Auto-share to Slack. If you do, you’ll have a chance to select a specific channel.



  • Post: When you’re ready, click POST to save it. It will now be viewable by your team in Carrot. If you are connected to Slack, then you can also have posts automatically shared to a specific channel in Slack.


If you haven’t already added a title, you’ll be prompted to add one.

If you’re not ready to post it, a draft is automatically saved for you in your Draft folder so you can come back to it later. This is a private folder only you can see.

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